Dwiki Dharmawan Daftarkan 2 Karya Seninya ke Agregator

Apr 30, 2022 by admin
Dwiki Dharmawan Daftarkan 2 Karya Seninya ke Agregator

Dwiki Dharmawan registers 2 of his artworks with an aggregator, what are the benefits?

Dwiki Dharmawan Daftarkan 2 Karya Seninya ke Agregator

Jakarta Of course, as a musician who has produced Masterpeace works, many digital music aggregators (agents) hope that Dwiki Dharmawan’s works will be registered in his store. And it’s not easy for the new aggregators to immediately gain the trust of musicians of the caliber of Dwiki and Radio MD from Jakarta, Bandung and other major cities.

It was proved by holding the NexArt.id Intro event NexArtist. in which several musicians participated, including Dwiki Dharmawan, who immediately entrusted his two singles to NextArt.id.

“I registered two of Viola’s singles and my duet with Ustad Erik Yusuf,” said Dwiki Dharmawan when meeting recently at NexArt’s Central Jakarta office.

The great confidence that Dwiki has in NextArt is no accident, he sees that NexArt has strong financial transparency and capable human resources in the technology space.

“Although I just saw that NexArt has a strong intention to be transparent, this is something other aggregators rarely have,” Dwiki said seriously.

Dwiki admitted that Indonesian musicians often struggle to get royalties. Although the songs have been released on different platforms, they don’t necessarily get the rights. It is for this reason that singer Ita Purnamasari’s husband supports NexArt’s presence in the Indonesian music industry.

NextArt.id is one of the country’s aggregators capable of recording royalties for musicians on 150 digital streaming platforms.

“The main thing is that there are 48 platforms like Joox, Spotify, Apple Music, Langit Music and some others,” said Rio Zee, CEO of NextArt.id.

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